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#eczemathat keeps continue coming & why you don’t seek for a effective treatment & without #steriod#

Always rely on medication, unstoppable doctor appointment isn’t it frustrating?

In Eczema, there are 3 major problems that we need to treat which are mostly the reasons for Eczema rebound if it is not treated well.

Skin #inflammation takes long time #steroids to stabilize with good controls

Skin #protection is always not enough with just moisturizer and all types of skin care

Immune system when is decreasing definitely will cause the the factor eczema. Therefore, look for the professional advise from our Physician will look into it & explain. Then , slowly you’ll encounter your eczema problem will drastically decrease.

Why should you choose our signature Skin Treatment?

High success rate uo to 95%

Low Recurrence Rate

Holistic & effective approach (no steroid and western medication)

We do provide whole body assessment. Not only focusing on treating the symptoms but also the root cause

We suggest the best treatments available that suit the condition (detoxification, diet & lifestyle modification, right supplementation, nutritional therapies and so on)

We have a collective of experienced physicians that will help you overcome the problem and prevent it from happening again in the future


About us:

Certified Physician with Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia with Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Act 2016 [Act 775]

Has treated more than a thousand eczema cases.

Active #international#speaker, Our team has shared experience in several talks in different countries besides Malaysia, such as China & Taiwan.

Regular invited guest of Malaysia radio station such as #my #988 #aforadio - live shows. She has been regularly invited by local celebrities and influencers since the year 2018 until present to share our experience


【Doing the right treatment for Eczema will help you to prevent getting worsen of your skin barrier】

Done your #OnlineConsultation with us before you pay a visit to our physical store, is available and all for your convenience now! ! !


Don’t hide your Eczema with long pants and long sleeve anymore, get the right treatment and we’ll be here to solve your problem.


Call us to stabilize and get start to treat your eczema right now!

016-220 2573

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